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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Hug your Mom Today...

Remember when you were a teenager and hated your parents for being such hard-asses about stupid stuff like curfews and rules? Oh, and for getting all up in your business? And for telling you what to do, and what not to do? And how dare they treat you like a kid?

Well you might want to take a minute to thank your folks for all that annoying "discipline" and all those stupid "boundaries."

Because the alternative ain't pretty.

The alternative, it seems, is letting your kid drag your whole family to Hollywood to become a star at the age of 10 or 11. To follow her dreams. Because 10 year olds are totally rational in their dreams, no? Because 10 year olds should be able to choose between a real childhood and fame/money/excess all on their own, yes?

The alternative is being your daughter's "best friend" - instead of her mom. Letting her set the rules. Letting her pay the bills. And partying beside her while she spirals into oblivion.

Like Britney, who was so far gone at a recent photoshop for OK magazine that they're actually printing all the dirty details, instead of the usual star-fu*&er fluff pieces they're known for. And who has systematically cut all the people out of her life until she is totally alone and clearly on the edge of serious breakdown. And mom? Mom, who let Brit become the most sexualized 15-year-old since Lolita? Mom, who taught Brit that it's okay to steal a pregnant gal's guy so long you're more famous than she is? Well, mom's now on the outs - because how do you turn to someone for help, when that someone's been earning cash off your back since you were a kid?

Like Lindsay, arrested last night for the second time in 3 months, driving with alcohol in her system and cocaine in her pocket. Fresh out of rehab, almost certainly on her way to jail, career totally screwed. And her mom? Her mom? Her mom, who has been out partying with Lindsay in the hottest clubs since Linds was 17? Her mom, who seemed to endorse a relationship with a piece of human filth like Calum Best? Her mom, who argued that Georgia Rule would get Lindsay her Oscar? Who said that producers were out of line for criticizing Lindsay's work ethic? Her enabling piece of crap of a mom - where is she? On set with younger daughter Aly Lohan - getting on a new bandwagon while the old one falls apart.

Makes you appreciate your own mom just a little more, eh?


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