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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Aaron Spelling: TV Genius

There are reports today that veteran TV producer Aaron Spelling suffered a stroke at his LA home this weekend. Though Spelling, 83, is expected to recover, the news reminds us just how much Spelling has given us (not counting daughter Tori, that is).

Here, then, are Spellings greatest contributions to entertainment:

1. Beverly Hills 90120. Brandon and Brenda Walsh made their way from suburban Minnesota to the wilds of Bev Hills, where they found more than just swimming pools and movie stars. As they moved from wide-eyed teens to jaded college grads, Brenda and Brandon faced very-special issues including gun violence, teen sex, drugs, sororiety house fires, stalkers, epic sideburns and Ian Zierings white boy 'fro/mullet. The spritual godparent of the OC, Dawson's Creek and so many others, 90210 was the ultimate in high-school drama. That's right, without Dylan Mckay, there could be no Ryan Atwood. No Shannon Doherty, no Misha Barton. (Ok that last one may not count as a contribution.)

2. Girl Fight! Crystal and Alexis. Brenda and Kelly. Heather Locklear and, well, everyone. From Dynasty to Melrose Place, Spelling gave great girl-on-girl, hair-pulling, pool-falling-into, dress-ruining cat fights. Not to mention all the ass-kickings doled out by the girls of Charlie's Angels - in platform heels and bikinis no less. And let's not forget that he gave us the greatest girl psycho of all time too: Dr. Kimberly Shaw Mancini (a pre-Desperate Housewives Marcia Cross).

3. Charo, Charo, Charo. Saturday nights in the 1970s meant one thing and one thing only - at least for those of us waaaaay to young for Studio 54 - it was time for Love Boat! The cavalcade of guest stars (Ethel Merman! The Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders! Florence Henderson! Come aboard, they're expecting you!), the cheesy acting and the coardboard sets all added up to pure TV genius. But The Love Boat's greatest contribution to pop culture was that it offered semi-regular employment to one of the strangest entertainers ever to become (in)famous. Charo's lack of the ability to speak English or, well, do anything other than shimmy couldn't stop her. There she was, entertaining Doc, Isaac and Gopher on the Lido deck. It proved that anyone would make in Hollywood if they really tried (and if they had nice ta tas).


  • At 8:03 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous said…

    re: CHARO
    lack of talent?you must not count little things like being twice voted "best flamenco guitarist in the world" by guitar mag.9 years a student of Adre Segovia,who does not waste his time on mere mortal guitar players.
    HINT:a little research never hurts


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