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Sunday, July 09, 2006

So You Think You Can Dance

I revel in reality television. Particularly in the summer when there is nothing else on and it's too hot to go outside. So, from the climate-controlled environment of my living-room couch, I watch some really awful stuff. And some wonderfully awful stuff too, like So You Think You Can Dance. And you should watch it too.

Here are my top 5 reasons you should watch So You Think You Can Dance.

1. To see what the hell Cat Deely is wearing. Cat Deely is the Seacrest-light (that's mean, I know, but true) who hosts the whole show, comforts the contestants and assures us that something truly exciting will happen 'right after the break.' She's a vast improvement on last year's hostbot and has one particularly notable attribute - the worst wardrobe in reality TV. Who dresses this woman? Every week, you think the outfits can't get less flattering or more absurd - and then they do! This week, she looked like she had made a dress out a Thanksgiving tablecloth.

2. They really can dance. Well, the ones that are left can. The chaff is mainly gone and we are left with the finalists who try hardest, learn fastest and move best. Some highlights: Benji and Donyelle are clearly fan favourites, based on the deafening cheers when they hit the stage, mainly because they are funny, seem to like one another and are clearly having the time of their lives; Dmitry can probably dance, but what he does best is look really, really excellent shirtless - an underrated skill if you ask me; and, finally, Musa is a totally untrained dancer who learned breakdance on the streets - and every week he gamely takes on ballroom, contemporary and more ballroom with his scorching partner Natalie. You can't help but cheer for these people. Especially if, like me, you can't dance at all without embarassing yourself and possibly hurting innocent bystanders.

3. Nigel Lithgoe's ego. It's massive, and on amusing display. He is always introduced as "Executive Producer Nigel Lithgoe", to make it clear he is no mere judge thank-you-very-much. He references Idol all the time to remind people of his previous success and all his money. It is clear at any given moment that he makes all final decisions, regardless of what the other judges say - and he's actually said as much on air. Delightful.

4. They have a Paula too! Here name is Mary Murphy, she's a ballroom specialist and she is completely loony. High praise from Mary is a patented high-pitched shriek in which her face remains eerily expressionless (yay Botox). Her nonsequiters and short attention span are truly Paula-esque, though she isn't afraid to be brutally, acidicly critical, too.

5. Drinking Game potential. Take a shot every time Cat says Ameriker. Or fiddles nervously with her fingers when asking the judges questions. Or when a judge sucks up to the choreographers while saying the dance totally sucked. Or when Nigel tries an age-inappropriate dance move. Or when Mary says something unintelligible. Or just screams. You'll be drunk off you ass in 10 minutes. Ah, summer fun.


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