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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Anderson Cooper on the Daily Show

Anderson Cooper sparred with Jon Stewart last night on the Daily Show. That's right - the world's top two candidates for the 'thinking girl's sex symbol' in the same place at the same time*. Somehow, the world stayed on it's axis, unaffected by the panting desires of women across America deciding which one they'd rather have give them the news. (Ahem.)

While he kindly avoided mentioning Anderson's days as a game show host (ah, The Mole), Stewart didn't give Coop a totally free ride. He pushed him on CNN's lack of mission and inclination to drop stories quickly due to viewer 'fatigue'. Anderson also spoke about wanting his viewers to see him as apolitical, as a blank slate. Here, I think Stewart missed the key question. At this point, I might have asked why Cooper would then write a book about his life as a Vanderbilt, his father's early death and his brother's suicide. It seems like he is creating a very strong public perception of himself - to garner ratings and book sales. Surely this will inform how viewers see him and interpret his stories - and do much harm to his ability to be a blank slate.

*Sorry, John Cusack, you've been overthrown in this category - Lloyd Dobbler was a long time ago!


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