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Monday, August 14, 2006

Bimbo interuptus; it's a Paris boycott!

That's it. After one too many articles on too-many, too-stupid atrocities to count, I've finally been inspired to social action. I'm officially calling for a complete boycott on Paris Hilton. C'mon people... together, we can take that b*tch down.

It's a simple proposal. Starting today, this very minute, all of us stop watching, reading, talking or thinking about Paris Hilton. Forever. And ever. And, seriously, amen.

The rules are appropriately simple too: We all just ignore her. No-one buys her new album (despite the inevitable morbid curiosity - trust me, give your gag reflex a rest). We all refuse to watch the Simple Life 27: Porn Stars. We pass on viewing the official end of her faux-feud with Nicole Ritchie on Letterman. We resolutely avoid samples of her perfume. We skip over articles on her latest Greek shipping heir or her new snit with LiLo. And we promise never, ever to buy anything Paris endorses or appears in or touches or, well, looks at. Magazines with her on the cover stay on the rack. The clicker is mercilessly employed whenever she appears on TV. From now on, we officially skip all of films, even on video, even if you went just to see her die horribly (or because you wondered how that night vision thing really works) - it just encourages in all the wrong ways. Sure, we may miss out on some Hiltonic deep thoughts and some remarkable new nicknames for redheads, but it'll be worth it in the end!

Sure, she'll fight it at first. Deperate for fame, she'll wear yet more inappropriate things in inappropriate places. She'll say yet more moronic things to reporters. She'll adopt yet more pets/accessories. Maybe we'll get lucky and one will eat her. But even if her new baby cougar doesn't put us all out our misery, we can do it ourselves. Surely, if we all stop paying attention, she'll eventually get dressed and go home.

Power to the people!


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