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Thursday, August 02, 2007

The weekly gossip

The tabloid news this week has raised some deep questions for me:

How did this happen?
Nicole Richie is pregnant. Yeah, we knew that already. What we don't know: how is it possible for woman who weighs 85 pounds to actually get preggers? Seriously? How is that possible? Joel must have some very impressive swimmers to have found such an undernourished egg.

Can she get any lower?
Britney's under attack from the tabloids for being a bad mum. Hmm. Ya think? Apparently, she tried to have Sean Preston's teeth whitened. Cause there is nothing sadder than a toddler with yellow teeth. Oh wait, there is something a lot sadder. The question: how long until Britney's in hospital for 'exhaustion'? Or worse. This is just a sad, sad situation of a very stupid girl with way too much money.

What's Courtney on?
The latest pictures of a skeletal, almost unrecognizable Courtney Love have raised concerns that C. Love is OD'ding on plastic surgery. Maybe it's just me but when a woman as famous for her various addictions as her music is getting scary skinny, liposuction is not the first culprit that comes to mind. Smack much?

What's Pete not on?
Pete Doherty gave an interview to the British tabloid the Sun in order to profess his love for Kate Moss, set the record straight about his alleged cheating and hopefully get back in her good graces. He also chose to refer to her as a 'nasty rag'. Cause girls love that. Dumbass.


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