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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

At this rate, Brett Favre will retire in 2028.

All that talk last season about Brett Favre being past his prime, too slow, too grey, ready for retirement? Well, don't get the retirement party balloons out any time soon. Because this season has been Favre's best since before There's Something About Mary.

The Pack are 6-1. They've beaten some mediocre teams (New York Giants, I'm looking at you), some who should be better than they are (that'd be San Diego) plus a few that can surprise you any given Sunday (Philly, Minnesota). Their one loss came against a desperate Chicago team. And last night, after a typically low-scoring Monday night affair was tied up in the dying minutes, Favre stepped in with a pass for the first play of OT. Which went over 80-yards for the TD. Which he heaved one heck of a long way. Which means the Pack won yet another one - this time over Denver. Only this time the Pack actually had someone rush over 100 yards. The Pack with a running game? Maybe they can keep this up!

But when will we know for sure if this young Packer team is for real? Not for a few weeks - Kansas City, Minnesota and Carolina are next on the sched and it'll be hard to tell much from those games. Detroit is after that and that one's hard to figure too - it depends which Lions team shows up: the one that lost 56-21 to Philly or the one that beat Tampa Bay and embarrassed Chicago. Nope, circle November 29 on your calendar. That's Green Bay at Dallas. Let's see how they stack up against Romo and co.

But even if the season goes downhill from here, it's been a lot of fun watching a 38-year old future hall of famer playing with the joy and energy of a 22-year-old rookie. And hell, if Vinny Testaverde can still play at the age of 57, shouldn't Brett be good for a few more snaps?


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