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Thursday, December 14, 2006

And none for you...

The Golden Globe Awards nominations were announced this morning and the papers are in a tizzy with the excitement of it all. Sure, the Globes are really just Oscar's whorish little sister, but they give us something to talk about until the real awards come out.

So let's see... we have nominations for Leo (twice), Clint (twice), Affleck (apparently now finished his post-Gigli purgatory), Brad (again, can't wait to see what Angelina wears on the red carpet), Meryl and Scorcese. A few surprises were in the mix- like the critically panned but star-heavy Bobby for best drama (not really all that surprising, considering the Globes' traditional obsession with Hollywood wattage - I mean, Racquel Welch has a Golden Globe for Pete's sake) and a strong showing for Borat and its star, Sacha Baron-Cohen. Think Cohen will turn up as Borat at the ceremony? Without a doubt. Let's not forget that Trey Parker and Matt Stone once dressed as Jennifer Lopez and Gwenyth Paltrow at the Academy Awards. And this is just the Globes. I say Borat makes the scene and brings Pam Anderson as his date. Sexy time. Take that Kid Rock!

For TV (interestingly, really just film's whorish little sister), there were a bunch of doctors and housewives. Ho hum. I'm betting Heroes for best drama series - the Globes love to reward the new shows.

But we all know that the glory of nominations day isn't in who made the cut. It's all about dissecting who got snubbed. So, buckle up kids, here we go.
  • Evangeline Lilly is the only Lost cast member to get a nomination!?! Do these people watch Lost? Clearly not. No Matthew Fox (Jack), no Josh Holloway (Sawyer), no Jorge Garcia (Hurley), no Naveen Andrews (hey, where is Sayid lately anyways?), no Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje (the late Mr. Eko), no Michael Emerson (delightfully creepy as Henry/Ben). But the eternally annoying Kate gets a nod. Seriously, what the hell?
  • World Trade Centre and United 93 were entirely shut out. Conspiracy, or were there just better movies out there? Or, more likely, have the voters seen Oliver Stone's Alexander and opted to never forgive him?
  • Canadian Sandra Oh, a winner last year, gets no love this year.
  • Jason Lee makes the grade for My Name is Earl, but the brilliantly funny Jaime Pressly does not.
  • The double-nomination for Leo likely pushed Canadian Ryan Gosling off the Best Actor list. His performance as a drug-addicted teacher in Half Nelson had gotten some serious buzz and was almost enough to make one forget Breaker High. Almost.
  • The Wire - one of the most written-about and critically beloved series on TV - gets nada.
  • Apparently, Marie Antoinette is no Lost in Translation. Sorry Sofia.
  • Neither Matt Perry nor Bradley Whitford got a nom for Studio 60 - usually the Globes love Aaron Sorkin. This year, it's just Sarah Paulson for supporting actress.
  • No Gilmore, in Lauren Graham's last legitimate shot as Lorelei.

That's it. On with the show...


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