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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The Last Football Post till Summer

I'll do my best to last that long, but I can't promise... Here are some tidbits to hold us over.

Yes, San Diego is Screwed
They hired Norv Turner. Norv Turner, who's head coaching stats stand at a brilliant 58-82. Brilliant move, Smith and company. Britney-esque in its brilliance. Even Oakland thought he sucked.

Gisele Bundchen, Step-mom
Tom Brady's gonna be a daddy - with ex-girlfriend Bridget Moynahan. And based on the timing, she pretty much got pregnant during break-up sex. Nice. Almost Matt Leinart-esque in its niceness. But Brady still goes home every night with Gisele, so he's probably not all that bummed, like, overall.

No More Irvin
ESPN has dropped Michael Irvin as a commentator so that Irvin can concentrate on his burgening film career. Sad, in that Irvin was a TV train-wreck waiting to happen - you never knew what insane thing he was gonna say next. Like basically calling Tony Romo's great grandma a whore with a serious case of jungle fever. My favourite moment? A few years ago when discussing the Ricky Williams case, Irvin was the local expert as had 'some familarity with the league's substance abuse program.' Like Tony Romo's great-grandma had some familarity with the boys in the slave quarters, Mickey? Oh how we'll miss you.


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