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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Love and Death on Lost

Okay, just death on Lost. MSN TV has posted a handy Deathpool, with odds on which one of castaways will meet their end next. Handy, because the producers have said that one of the main characters won't make to the season finale.

The pundits give the lowest chances of survival to Charlie, Clare, Sun, Juliet, Alex and Sawyer. As for me, I'd say Sun is safe. Unlike Clare and Charlie, it seems like there is still enough to her story, both on the island and off, to keep us going for a while- especially now that she's pregnant. And kill off Sawyer? The writers might be out to shock us, but they know who keeps all those panting women tuning in. I'd say Sawyer's safe too. And Alex surely doesn't count as a main character, which doesn't mean she's safe but it does mean if she goes, she'll have company.

On the other hand, those pundits give Kate and Locke great odds to survive. Now, the idea of Kate dying could just be wishful thinking on my part, but that's a death I could really get behind. My money, though, is on Locke. Rumours are that we'll soon learn how he ended up in a wheelchair - which is really the last significant loose end to his backstory. And let's not forget Mr. Eko's dying words to Locke after Eko tussled with the island's monster: "You're next." Let's just say I wouldn't be investing in that oceanside timeshare any time soon if I were him.


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