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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The End of Gilmore

It's official - tonight is the last episode of Gilmore Girls. It's a melancholy event for someone with every season so far on DVD (if I'm home sick I rotate between Gilmore and Sex and the City until I either feel better or decide I need a lot of new shoes).

For Gilmore, this season - the non-Palladino season - has basically sucked. The characters lost their spark, the show lost its way and Lorelei - our beloved Lorelei - acquired and discarded a husband in a matter of a few short weeks. So, the series finale can't help but disappoint, even more so knowing that Amy Sherman-Palladino had the perfect end in mind back in season one - an ending we'll never get to see.

All the more reason, I suppose, to revel in the glory days. Over on EW, Sean Gunn (the indispensably funny Kirk, criminally underused this season) has listed his top 10 Gilmore episodes.

My favourites tend to be the season enders:
  • Season 1: Max proposes to Lorelei with 1000 yellow daisies
  • Season 2: Sookie gets married while Lorelei comes this close to finding happiness with Christopher and Rory gets caught up in Paris' political ambitions
  • Season 4: The girls open the Dragonfly Inn with a test-run weekend for all of their friends, sparking the beginning of Luke and Lorelei and an adulterous affair between Dean and the no-longer-perfect Rory
Other favourites:
  • the early episodes with Rory and Dean, which captured the awkwardness of first love beautifully including a dorky first kiss in Dosse's market
  • the episode where Rory takes in a hockey game. Kirk as the play-by-play announcer is brilliant. Also an excellent Dave Rygalski episode (woo hoo Adam Brody!)
  • The Thanksgiving episode where Rory and Lorelei make the rounds to 4 Thanksgiving dinners - notable for the introduction of the evil cat Kirk and Lane's first kiss
  • the episode where Lane's band plays their first gig and Dean finally punches Jess in the face
  • the episode where Lorelei's secret affair with Jason Stiles finally comes out, and Richard mercilessly takes young Jason out at the knees
  • Emily and Richard finally renew their wedding vows, Lorelei vows to finally cut her mother out of her life, Rory finally makes a move on Logan


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