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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

A Perfect Storm of Cheese

It really was too perfect. A Bon-Jovi/American-Idol mash up - could there be anything more deliciously velveeta?

No. No there can't.

I was worried going in. A beat boxer, three R&B-esque divas, a pale Justin Timberlake clone (amazing, considering how pale Timberlake is to begin with), and a bald guy who is clearly out of his league don't seem like the most likely bunch to tackle the subtle, New Jersey-tinged strains of the Jovi.

So, it could have been a disaster. But as it was, only one of the performers - cute-as-a-button Jordin - stank out loud. JT-lite and the bald guy muddled through. LaKisha and Melinda looked for - and mostly found - the soul and the blues in their hard-rock anthems. And Blake - the beat boxer - actually made an 80's relic sound astonishingly contemporary. No kidding, his version could be on the radio tomorrow. I loved it. Is that so wrong? Is it also wrong that a good part of the reason that I loved it is that I still do love the cheesy goodness of the original? Really?


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