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Friday, August 10, 2007

Insulting women into bed

You know the argument that women always go for the bad guy? I think it isn't all women, it's really just all young women. I certainly did, back in the day (before the weary husband, of course). Distant, using, motorcycle-driving emotional fuckwits - that's was my late teens and early 20s.

Turns out I'm far from alone. The folks at the Freakononics blog have a look at the phenomena wherein men insult women to get the into bed. I love it, don't you?

Speaking of emotional fuckwits, this week was the finale of the grand social experiment known as Age of Love. The TV experiment, which purported to be about whether age played a factor in love, was really about how many cougars and kittens would loss their shit for a washed-up, never-that-good tennis pro who used to sleep with a certain vacuous hotel heiress. Lots, it turns out (lots of women, that is. Not lots of sex with the heiress, though that's probably true too). The show seemed to prove that young women look good in bikinis but are shallow and stupid, and that older women can still look good in bikinis, but are slightly less shallow and stupid. Fabulous.

The best part of the show, by far, was that Mark Philippoussis (or The Poo, as EW Popwatch would have it) chose a girl with major stalker potential. This gal was head-over-heels in love 5 minutes after the cameras switched on. She cried. She sulked. She went looking for him in the woods while he was with another women. She waited in his tent for him to return from that date. She used phrases like 'prince charming' and 'happily ever after' and 'I'm happy because I got my man'. She is so on the edge. But she can still have lots of his babies - something the 48-year-old hottie she beat out really can't claim.

Good luck Poo. Good luck.


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