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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

The Rundown

So I take a little break from blogging and looks what happens... all heck breaks loose.

The Chargers won a play-off game (and looked really, really crappy doing it, one might add). Eli Manning won a play-off game (and actually looked pretty good doing it). So will it be Manning v Manning in the Superbowl? Let's not count on that one just yet.

The Steelers are out - in a year that Big Ben didn't crash his motorcycle. The Seahawks are in - in a year where Matt Hasselbeck played like he'd just crashed his motorcycle. Jacksonville is being touted as the real wildcard in the race - the kind that makes the top seeds nervous. But after nearly letting Pittsburgh come back in what should have been a rout, they look pretty mortal to me.

Other news:

He's Just Asking for Trouble Now
I kinda felt for Tony Romo. I did. He fumbled away the Boys' playoffs last year and took a pounding when his girlfriend showed up his worst game of the season this year. Poor guy, I thought. Then, he decides to spend his bye-week in Mexico with said girlfriend and her parents. I'm not saying he needed to be running drills every day at Texas Stadium - but if by some miracle the G-men upset the Cowboys this weekend it is all we're gonna hear about - "Why was Romo in Cabo with Jessica instead of prepping for the game." Spend a dirty weekend with your girlfriend, buddy, but don't do in front of the paparazzi!

The Devil is MVP
It was inevitable of course. After the ridiculous season occasioned by his teaming with Randy Moss, all the records, the undefeated season and the supermodel girlfriend, Tom Brady is the MVP. But it wasn't unanimous. One guy actually voted for Brett Favre - presumably because he has less to work with. But by that measure, wouldn't the MVP be Derek Anderson?

Joe Gibbs Retires
He didn't totally destroy his sterling reputation with the coaching comeback - though giving away a win by calling back to back time outs didn't help much. Seeing him on the sidelines, though, you just knew he was thinking "I'm way too old for this shit."

My official pick for the Superbowl:
Here it is, call me crazy - Indianapolis versus Green Bay. Indy wins. Really, that's what I think will happen. Or maybe I just want desperately to believe it. Either way, that's my pick.


  • At 7:25 p.m., Blogger Marky Mark said…

    You have to admit it-Tom Brady is the all time MVP. He was spectacular without the team he has now and with his all star receiving crew he has had the best QB performance of all time. Let's celebrate excellence.

  • At 7:50 a.m., Blogger Jen said…

    I can acknowledge his skill and still hate him, right? And still say that if Manning had that team, he'd have numbers even better than Brady's.

  • At 3:25 p.m., Blogger Marky Mark said…

    I suppose. I know most of the world hates the Pats because they are excellent but that's why I like them!


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