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Monday, April 28, 2008


Have you seen the photos? No, not the obviously tarty ones of young Miley Cyrus flashing her green bra at the camera. Rather, the ones of the God-fearing fifteen-year-old posing for Vanity Fair. She went topless for Annie Liebovitz and is now saying the photos are inappropriate and embarrassing.

In a throwdown between media titans, Disney has come out in support of their Hannah Montana, saying VF went too far. Vanity Fair, for their part, explain that Miley's parents and minders were on set all day, and even saw the digital photo that very day.

What's most disturbing about the shot isn't the early sexualization of a young girl - the accompanying shots of Miley leaning against her dad are more creepily sexualized than the topless one. It's how young and innocent she looks. And how some kinds of people are going to like that picture all the more for the very fact that she looks so young. This isn't Britney in her school-girl uniform, but it's the same twisted fantasy.

And you can't help but wonder about the parents who said that, yes, their daughter could take her top off for Vanity Fair. Especially given that Oscar-night interview with Barbara Walters, in which young Miley exclaimed that she would never, even wind up like Britney or Lindsay.

If only.

Because when you want fame this badly, it is only a matter of time. And when she falls, people will look at the media and the industry and the party scene and blame them once again. But if someone asked your 15-year-old to take off her top for a photograph, what would you say?


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