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Sunday, February 03, 2008

The Super Blog - Second Half

Man, Tom Petty is old. But at least I don't worry he'll be electrocuted, as with Prince's rain-soaked set last year. Freeeeeeee fallin'.

I really didn't see a 7-3 first half coming. Let's see what Belichick and Coughlin have up their (cut-off) sleeves in the way of half-time adjustments...


We're out of chicken wings and into the pecan butter tarts. One of the tarts has exactly one pecan on it. That's some serious quality control right there.

First drive - the Pats are looking more effective than in the second quarter - they got a few first downs - but the Giants D is still bringing it. Time for a punt.

Or perhaps for a too-many-men penalty. John Madden feels for you, Coughlin. That could be a big momentum shifter. Ouch.

Massive hold for the Giants defence there - and for Strahan in particular.

Wow, those Patriots cheerleaders really aren't wearing much, are they? Even for cheerleaders, that's a lot of skin. It must be Belichick's attempt to distract Strahan.

You don't hear much about star punters - but Feagles downs the ball inside the 15 pretty much every time. Special teams haven't been much of a factor so far today, except for Feagles - who has kept the Pats pinned back mighty effectively. I'm so ready for a safety.

Still 7-3. You gotta be impressed that the Giants have held the Patriots to one touchtown. But I don't see how long they can stay in it before the Patriots bust open a big play for another score. The Giants need to score, and soon, or they have no chance in this one.


Here we go...

Huge play to Boss - that's a rookie with some big potential...

Hey, Jeremy Shockey! I forgot he was even on this team. Team chemistry is a strange and wonderful thing - despite what Aikman says, I absolutely think the Giants are better without Shockey (and without Tiki for that matter). I wonder if Shockey and Peyton are doing shots in the luxury box.

Finally! 10-7 Giants.

Back to Brady. Another scoreless drive.

It does go to show.... back in week 17, a bunch of pundits, Jimmy Johnson of Fox included, criticized Coughlin for playing all his starters and trying for a win against the 16-0 Patriots. They said he should have rested his starters for the wildcard game the following week. Others commended Coughlin for being a good sport, for being loyal the spirit of the game and for refusing to let the Patriots back into perfection. But what few recognized at the time was how significant playing well against the Pats would be for these Giants. Forget week 3. Forget the road games. That game - week 17 - gave these Giants the confidence to really believe they could do it. That they could beat the Cowboys. That they could beat the Packers. That they had a real chance in this Superbowl, no matter what the betting line in Vegas said. Whether they win tonight or not, they have to be proud of how they ended this season. Sure, Manning or Burress or Strahan could have gotten hurt against the Pats that week, but I don't think any of them would be in the game today if they hadn't played in week 17.

Time to vote for the MVP. Hmm. It's almost always an offensive player - but in this game? Hard to say who best qualifies. Can we give it to the Giants defensive coordinator?

The Patriots look good to score on this drive. If they score here, Brady might actually get that MVP again.

Though Welker is making a case for himself. An undrafted free agent out of college, he's al of 5'9". If he wins the MVP, he should send Randy Moss a fruit basket.

First and goal. 3 minutes left. 3 timeouts a side. 3 points apart. This is good stuff, no?

The Giants defence just isn't getting the kind of pressure that they were earlier. They've got to be some kind of tired at this point.

Third and goal. 2:45. Brady to Moss.

14-10 Patriots.

This is it, Eli. This is your John Elway moment. Two minutes left in the Superbowl. One score. Do it and you're immortal. Fail and you're still Peyton's less-talented little brother. Your defence kept you in it - now you have to step up, out of Peyton's geeky shadow into your geeky own.

4th and 1. No pressure.

Jacobs looks like he's in.

No way!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How did Tyree hold onto that? How did Eli not get sacked? Man alive that was crazy.

40 seconds. No timeouts. First and 10 at the 14. Touchdown to Burress!!!!!! No way!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is the greatest game ever! Ok, maybe not ever. But that was awesomely delicious.

17-14 Giants.

Looks like Eli is the MVP. Back to back Mannings as MVP? The defence gets screwed yet again.

Back to Brady with 36 seconds and 3 timeouts. After the kick, it's 29 seconds from the 25. Good grief. This would be the biggest Super Bowl upset of all time if the Giants can hold.

The 1972 Dolphins grab some bottles of champagne... and that's the game.

Perfection remains elusive.


  • At 8:22 a.m., Anonymous Anonymous said…

    We were thisclose to calling you during the game. Yes, that's right, we watched it and even I thought it was good (and that's without all the backstory and season long build-up).

  • At 8:22 a.m., Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Sorry, that comment was from Amy.

  • At 10:46 a.m., Blogger Unknown said…

    No comments on Belicheck taking his ball and hitting the tunnel with 5 seconds on the clock?

    "Hey kids, this Big Bill here: F*ck sportsmanship. And drink milk."

  • At 9:10 a.m., Blogger Jen said…

    Jay: Hmm, Bill Belichick is a poor sport. This is a shocking development!!

    Glad you liked the game, Amy!


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