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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Leafs Fire Ferguson

No way....! Who could possibly have seen this coming? Shocked, I am.


Is there a professional sports organization anywhere in the world that is so financially successful in spite of itself? Seriously. The Leafs kept Ferguson at the end of last season, when it was abundantly clear that the man should be fired. They turned down help from quite possibly the greatest hockey mind in the game, one Scotty Bowman. Then, they leave Ferguson twisting in the wind for weeks while they line up his replacement. And that replacement is a guy who was past his hockey prime 10 years ago. No-one loves has-beens like the Leafs love has-beens.

Who runs a business like this?

I used to be a huge Leafs fan. In the brutal 80's, then the all-too-brief Gilmore era, I was bleeding blue and white. But the strike got me out of the hockey habit and I haven't been back. But I do feel for the die-hards who have to put up with Peddie and his complete managerial ineptitude.

Better luck next year...


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