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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Lessons from the Brett Favre Affair

1. Never announce your retirement at the end of a long, punishing season. Wait a while until your bones stop hurting, and to see if that old 'itch' returns. If the prescription powder doesn't take the itch away, then you play another year. No harm, no foul.

2. Don't believe anything Brett Favre says about retirement, ever.

3. It sucks to be Aaron Rodgers. When he was drafted in 2005, he was touted as a top-ten pick, maybe even a number one. Went 24th (18 spots behind Pacman Jones, in case you're interested). That's gotta be a long afternoon. Still, he's in the NFL and learning from a superstar. Then, after a few seasons holding Brett's clipboard, Rodgers gets the official status as starting QB for the Packers. Dream come true. Now, his life is back to being all about Brett Favre. How much you want to bet he has a Brett Favre voodoo doll at home?

4. Brett Favre is a gun-slinging championship quarterback. He is also kind of a dillhole.


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