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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Election Hangover

Stephen Harper told us it was time to vote, because his minority government had ceased to function efficiently (but really because he thought he could win a minority). We voted. And got... a Tory minority government. Well, I don't know about you, but am I ever glad we spent all that cash for the Tories to win a few extra seats and the Liberals to lose a bunch of them. Democracy at work... and at a price.

But to be honest, the thing about this election that really irritates me is Elizabeth May. She made it into the debates. She was all over TV (and Via Rail). For the first time, the Green Party seemed to have a legitimate shot at winning a seat. That is, had she run in a winnable riding. But she didn't. She could have run pretty much anywhere she wanted - and she chose to run against Peter MacKay in Central Nova. Now, I'm not exactly in the Peter MacKay fan club, but even I could have told Ms. May that she had zero chance of winning against the powerful Defense Minister. I mean, the guy was elected in 1997 - when just 20 ridings in the whole country voted Conservative. Even with the Liberals sitting that riding out, May was in tough.

I guess I can understand wanting to slay a giant and avoid any sense of being a parachuted candidate - but couldn't may have done more for her party by actually winning a seat?


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