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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Sure he can swim...

...but is Michael Phelps funny?

After 8 Olympic gold medals (including one that looked a hell of a lot like a silver medal to me), Phelps is NBC's official Olympics poster boy, and they aren't ready to let that go just yet. Hence, an invitation to host Saturday Night Live.

I have to say, my hopes aren't high. Athletes on SNL are a lot more miss than hit. For every Peyton Manning, who killed in his appearance, there have been many, many Nancy Kerrigans.


  • At 11:13 a.m., Blogger the2scoops said…

    And in the 90s, classics with Michael Jordan and Wayne Gretzky, both so awkward it was funny. Gretzky had a funny skit that was a send-up of Elvis in "Blue Hawaii" where he was a waiter who could play hockey. It stands out because I find the sports figures are funnier in bits where they play themselves, like Michael Jordan getting encouragement from Stuart Smalley.


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