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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Then again, this is probably worse...

So long as I'm judging my own pop culture tastes and inviting others to ridicule same, why not overshare a little more:

Here's the thing... I'm a little sad about the new 90210. Not that they're doing it. Not that they're making it look like Gossip Girl: West Beverly Edition. But rather that they are bringing back the girls, so we can see where they are now.

And where they are seems pretty lame to me.

Now, I take my beloved characters seriously. I want things to turn out how I want them. So things like the afterward to the last Harry Potter bug the crap out of me.

In this case, while I couldn't care less what happened to Brenda or, ugh, Donna, I just know they're going to mess with my bff Kelly Taylor. The casting news says it all. No Brandon. No Dylan. No great, long-lived romance for our girl Kelly. Just a new gig as a guidance counsellor. Let's be honest - and no offense to real guidance counsellors - but that job was lame when Buffy did it.


But not as lame as the fact that I actually care about it...


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