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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Dance Like Millions of People are Watching

It's no secret that I seriously heart So You Think You Can Dance. I posted on it back in July of 2006, giving a bunch of reasons why you, too, should love the show - chief among them: Cat Deeley's wardrobe, Nigel Lithgoe's astonishing ego, the trainwreck that is Mary Murphy and, of course, that these kids actually CAN dance.

Well, in two years, my love of the show has only grown. Cat can't always be counted on for a wardrobe disaster any more - though occasionally busts out a dress made out of throw cushions or some Helena-Bonham-Carter-in-Sweeney-Todd hair. But she also has grown into the smartest, warmest and funniest host on TV. She's like the dancers' cooler and much taller big sister. The rest, Nigel and Mary especially, is entirely unchanged.

Tonight is the finale of this season - which has been marked by some excellent dancing, though few astonishingly memorable routines like last year's Shane Sparks' Transformers routine (with Lauren and Pasha), Mandy Moore's Sweet Dreams routine (with Neil and Sabra) or even Wade Robson's hummingbird routine (with Hawk and Jamie). All three of those numbers are up for Emmy's (you can check 'em out on YouTube, but I'm too lazy to find the links) - and I'm not sure they've been matched this year (though Mia's had a few high points with Twitch).

Given that the end is nigh, here are my fearless predictions for the final:

First to go:
The cherubic but outclassed Courtney.

And then:
Twitch. He has a huge fan base based largely on his personality, and I love the guy, but he just hasn't danced as well as...

The top two:
Katee and Joshua. Honestly, between the two, I'm hard pressed to pick a winner and wouldn't be sad if either of them take it. I'll go out on a limb and call this one for Katee.

Now on to Canada's version this fall!!


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