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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Reality TV Moment: The Dumbest People on TV

Turns out the dumbest people on TV don't work for Fox News. I know, I was shocked too!

I watch a lot of reality TV. I'm only slightly ashamed about that. I also get very, very caught up and over-involved in the reality TV. I'm actually very ashamed about that. Nonetheless, my overactive TV watching gives me a strong point of view on a wide spectrum of shows. For example, having watched both Survivor: All Stars and now Big Brother: All Stars, I can tell you with certainty that the all-stars of Big Brother are the dumbest group of reality TV contestants ever (and after multiple seasons of The Bachelor, that's saying a lot).

On Survivor: All Stars, there were 4 former winners on board at the beginning of the game. One, Jenna, withdrew, and the other 3 (Tina, Richard and Ethan) were promptly voted off by their tribes. None even made it to the jury. Players who had reputations as smart competitors who woulda-shoulda won their seasons, such as Colby and Rob C. also found their days on the island numbered. Fans may have been disappointed, but players such as Rob Mariano, love him or hate him, understood that you just cannot keep serious competition around for long. Let Richard Hatch stay and he'll figure out how to win it all again (though not, presumably, how to pay his taxes). Rob and Amber, unsuccessful in their own seasons, made it all the way to the final 2.

Then there is Big Brother: All Stars. Here, only one player had won before: Dr. Will. Manipulative, narcissistic, botoxed, 'evil' Dr. Will. He came into the house with a single ally - business partner, friend, 'chill-town' denizen and all-around dork Mike 'Boogie'. Others, including Allison, Danielle and Janelle, had strong reputations as great players, but only Will had actually taken home the prize. What's more, fan voting had assured that Will was drastically outnumbered, with he and Boogie up against a strong alliance of 4 players from season 6 and a whole bunch of unaligned 'floaters'.

Season 6 seemed to have the game sewn up - they won the power to nominate evictees for 5 of the first 6 weeks. Yet, Will was only nominated once and, even then, the season 6 alliance voted for someone else to leave that week. The 'strategy' it seemed, was to keep Will around as target in case those floaters ever won. Those incompetent, competition-losing floaters. (Sorry, I guess that's incompetent, competition-losing, all-star floaters.) So, instead, Janelle and her witless season 6 pals started nominating those floaters, ensuring that when and if the leftover floaters ever did win, it would be season 6, rather than Dr. Will, they had a grudge against. Brilliance itself.

Of course, Will started to manipulate the players around him. Throwing competitions and letting others, including a clueless Janelle, do his dirty work. And now? Season 6 is all but gone. The floaters are mainly gone too. Still there? Will. The very guy all of the players acknowledged in the first week as the most dangerous player in the game. Gee, do you think? Guess not.


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