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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Back to School

I know, I know, I'm list obsessed. It's just an extension of my not-at-all-crazy desire for everything in the world to be neat and tidy (well, except my side of the closet - it has special dispensation to be a non-neat, non-tidy, earthquake-zone mess. But woe betide the weary hubby if he leaves his socks on the floor too long. He's so lucky he married me).

Anyhoo, since my own posting has been a little slow, I'll point you to my favourite list of late: EW's 50 Best High School Movies. The list is eclectic, and weighted a little heavily to the post-1980 period, but you'll still see classics (Natalie Wood's on there twice and then there's the Ramones). Personally, I'd never give Election, possibly the most nasty, misanthropic film of all time a spot in the top 10, ahead of Say Anything. But, really, it's hard to quibble with a list that's got Harry Potter and Dr. McDreamy on it. And the top 5? Just about perfect.


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