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Monday, March 05, 2007

Blogger MIA

Sorry for the lack of posts. I was sick. Then busy and still sick. Then lazy. Back now.

What's happened since I've been gone?

The Academy Awards, that's what. Pretty predictable all around, with the exception of Eddie Murphy losing out Best Supporting Actor and that bizarre sci-fi shrug Jennifer Hudson was wearing on the red carpet. Otherwise, it was pretty much by the numbers. Scorcese finally got his Oscar. Forest Whitaker and Helen Mirren won in a walk. Jennifer Hudson did not mention American Idol and did not thank Simon Cowell. Ellen was okay but pretty much harmless and toothless. It was interesting to see how much the audience at the Kodak preferred her to Jon Stewart last year - who was freaking hilarious but clearly over the heads of a large segment of the audience in the theatre.

So what happened to Eddie? Well, first, Alan Arkin is a well-respected, pretty-darned-fine actor, so it may be that the voters just preferred to give it to him rather than Eddie. But why? Dreamgirls backlash? It didn't hurt J-Hud and she was up against Cate Blanchett for Pete's sake. Norbit backlash? Lots of folks have suggested that the big ad Norbit campaign, which heavily featured Eddie in lots and lots of latex may have hurt his Oscar chances. As in, the Academy didn't want reward the guy the same week he plastered on billboards in a fat suit. I don't know. I tend to think that Eddie just burned a lot of bridges. This guy was the biggest star in the world in the 1980s and he had an ego and entourage to match. Then, as the Beverly Hills Cop money dried up he stayed just as big an asshole - even more - and refused to play the game by the rules Hollywood expects. I think people just don't like him much. And that's why he lost. And do we feel the least bit sorry? Not me. Anyone who dumps his pregnant girlfriend on TV and then publicly questions paternity? He deserves a whole other kind of award.


  • At 3:27 p.m., Blogger the2scoops said…

    I assumed Norbit certainly didn't help his chances, but Eddie Murphy is a notorious bridge burner. He owes alot to SNL and Lorne Michaels, and never appears on reunions or guest host, never directly quoted in any of the SNL books or articles. Frankly he's funny but a prick. Like a successful version of Chevy Chase.

    More pertinant question about Norbit: what the hell was Thandie Newton doing in that? I mean, I understand Cuba Gooding being in there, but Thandie, just say no.

    Interesting fact I didn't know about: Ghostbusters was supposed to be written for Arkroyd, Belushi (in the Murray role) and Eddie Murphy, but Belushi's death derailed it.

  • At 12:20 p.m., Blogger Jenster said…

    Personally, I can't picture Ghostbusters without Bill Murray.

    So, had Belushi lived, and made the movie in the Murray role, would he also have gone on the make Lost in Translation and been the voice of Garfield? Trippy.


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