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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

It's Madness, I tell you!!

I know almost nothing about college basketball.

I know that almost everyone hates Duke (kinda like almost everyone hates the Yankees).

I know that UConn and Syracuse, both former winners, are sitting out of the tournament this year.

I know that Oral Roberts University is in this year, which makes me snicker because I can't believe that a university named after a wacky evangelist even has a basketball team, let alone a good one.

I know that 'Gonzaga' is fun to say.

And that's about it. But a few years ago, in one of the random, flukey occurrences that make true sports fans crazy, I managed to win my workplace NCAA tournament pool on the first try.

Since that time, I've become something of a devotee. I have to admit that the one-and-out structure makes for really exciting games. My basketball knowledge is still virtually nil. I still like to say 'Gonzaga'. So, when it comes to March Madness, I don't have the kind of incisive sports tidbits you may have some to expect (or even the annoying but ironically ill-informed know-it-all-ishness you may also have come to expect) from me. But I do encourage you to print yourself off a bracket, hunker down for some games and enjoy.


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