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Monday, September 03, 2007

The Games to Watch

We can't all watch 12 hours of football every Sunday, plus another 4 on Monday night every week. We can try, but sometimes our parents, friends and spouses have birthdays or get married or do something that requires our attention on a Sunday afternoon (the bastards).

So, fact is that you're going to have to miss a few snaps. But which games can you afford to miss and which are worth a little time in the doghouse? Here are my predictions of the games you're gonna want to see:

Thursday, September 6 - New Orleans at Indianapolis
It would have been a splendid Superbowl. But instead of an offensive showdown between Indy and New Orleans, we saw the Bears' Rex Grossman throw, and fumble, his team's chances away in the big game. This game, then, is the Superbowl that should have been.

Sunday, September 9 - Chicago at San Diego
San Diego has a new coach, after being the class of the league for the past two season and wilting in the post season. Chicago was mighty dominating all last season too - despite a quarterback with the wildest arm since Charlie Sheen in Major League. This game should give us an indication of which team looks legit this season.

November 4, Philadelphia at Dallas
Think all the TO bad blood is behind us? Think again. Both sides will be pumped for this one, and its a game that looks to have playoff implications too.

November 4, New England at Indianapolis
Remember when Indianapolis couldn't figure out the Pats? Remember when the Pats D found a way to humble Peyton Manning again and again, game after game after embarrassing game. Yeah, Peyton remembers too.

November 11, Cincinnati at Baltimore
Chad Johnson loves to run his mouth. The Baltimore defense loves to target mouthy wide receivers. Expect a minor war of words leading up to this one.


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