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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Mid-Season Thoughts

Well, it's been 8 weeks of football with nary a comment on the season from me. Have I just been busy with work, or taking the season off out of solidarity with poor, broken Tom Brady? I'll let you decide.

So where do things stand round at the half-way point? Well, the Lions aren't the worst team in football (hello, Kansas City!). The Buffalo Bills may actually win the AFC East. Kerry Collins has lead the Titans to a thus far unblemished record. Brady is hanging with Giselle instead of at Gillette. The Giants are still winning despite having to deal with Plaxico Burress' unpredictable child-care plans. All in all, a pretty amusing season from my vantage point - even if my beloved Colts are struggling to reach .500 in the absence of Bob Sanders and, oh, any kind of rush defense.

Still, some things remain the unchanged. Pacman Jones is still getting into fights. T.O. is still pouting he isn't getting enough passes, then dropping half the ones he gets. The Bengals are both awful and brutish. And the Colts can still score three touchdowns in three minutes (or so they proved to me and my friend Randy after he declared the game with the Texans over with five minutes left and Houston up by 17).


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