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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

So Can Canada Dance?

I've made no secret of my deep and abiding love for So You Think You Can Dance. So I was a little worried about the Canadian version - especially when I heard that deeply annoying Leah Miller would be filling my beloved Cat Deeley's stillettos.

Turns out I needn't have worried. While I wouldn't go as far as The Star's Rob Salem, who said the Canadian version is actually better than the original, it isn't so bad after all. Clearly, Miller is no Deeley, but she's actually a lot less annoying than she ever is on Much Music - and she is charmingly invested in the dancers; she has actually sobbed as some of them left the show. I'd have to say that the judges, by and large, don't stand up to the U.S. version. The loss of Mary Murphy is a blessing, but regulars Jean-Marc Generoux and Tre Armstrong have next to nothing insightful to say. Thank heavens for the rotating guest judge slot, which has brought us actual insights from Rex Harrington, the brilliant Mia Michaels and a range of Canadian choreographers. The choreography has been strong - notably from Melissa Williams, Blake McGrath and Luther Campbell. No Wade Robson sightings yet - but Michaels did one of her oddball group numbers earlier in the season.

It really all boils down to the dancers - and they're pretty great. Even Nigel Lithgoe has said so, so it must be true. The finale is tonight so check it out. Then vote for Nico!


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