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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Canada's Plan for World Domination: Step 1

No wonder Mark Burnett won't let Canadians compete on Survivor. Look what happens when he lets a few of us take on Rock Star: Total northern domination! First J.D. Fortune and now the King lemur, also known as Lukas Rossi.

While we could seriously argue whether Dilana, Toby and Ryan are actually better off without the deadweight of 3 middle-aged rockers desperately clinging to fame, Toronto-born Lukas was crowned the 'winner' on last night's season finale. In this, he followed in the footsteps of former Oakville resident Fortune. 2 seasons, 2 Canucks with the crown.

And even better, the Canadians in question went completely against the stereotype of the quiet, polite, unassuming Hoser. Hosers they were, but in a completely different way. Arrogant, preening, totally Rock Star. Gotta love it, eh?


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