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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Bye Bye Tricia, Hello Jay!!

As noted previously, I watch way too much TV. And, clearly, I'm just a little too involved in it. How else to explain the glee I felt at this news:

New host for 'Canada's Top Model'
Oct. 31, 2006. 10:22 AM
Jay Manuel is taking over the hosting duties at ``Canada's Next Top Model." The Toronto native is already known to TV viewers for putting models through their paces on "America's Next Top Model," hosted by Tyra Banks.

That's Mr. Jay to you and me.

Hooray! Jay combines just the right amount of bitchy, with just a splash of diva (unlike Miss Jay who has clearly been marinating in diva for years). With his platinum locks, he's got the best hair on ANTM (not that much of an accomplishment, admittedly, given Tyra's tranny-light styles). And, unlike past Canadian host Tricia Helfer, Jay has the benefit of an actual range of emotion beyond cold, chilly, not quite warm and awkward.

Season 2 of Canada's next Top Model airs in the spring. Cannot wait!!


  • At 8:31 p.m., Anonymous Amy B said…

    I'm so happy too. Tricia Helfer was horrible!


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