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Monday, October 09, 2006

Answers to Week 2's Big Questions

Just a few short weeks ago, I posed some burning questions that were raised by play on opening Sunday. And by week 5, we have some answers!

NFL Week 2: Big Questions

1) Will Bledsoe shape up before TO loses it?
No. Poor, poor Drew Bledsoe. His kingdom for an offensive line. And some ear plugs.

2) What effect will the Branch trade have on Tom Brady?
New England is 4-1, but by no means are they the dominant team they were a few years ago. They've struggled against bad teams (hello, Buffalo) and stepped it up for big games (good-bye Cincinnati). Brady's passer rating is 88.2, a full 10 points lower than the past two years. His completion percentage is the lowest its been since his first year in the league. He isn't dying out there, but oh yeah he misses Branch.

3) How long until Vince Young is starting in Tennessee?
Not long at all. He was in there by week 4. And looking damn good by week 5 at Indianapolis. Bye, bye Kerry Collins. Bye bye.

4) What is Mario Williams gonna have to do to silence the haters?
More that this: 7 tackles, 1.5 sacks on a bottom-feeder team. On first-place New Orleans (that's right, I said first-place New Orleans), Reggie Bush struggled a bit until this week. A 65-yard punt-return TD marked the first step in the right direction. Poor, poor Mario Williams.

5) Which QB sucks the most?
Still Chris Simms. Yes, he played with a damaged spleen. Very gutsy. He still sucks. In terms of guys actually on the field in week 5? Jake Plummer's stats are not a pretty thing. He sucks too.


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