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Thursday, September 14, 2006

NFL Week 2: Big Questions

So, Opening Sunday is well behind us, and heading into week 2 of the NFL season, here are the big questions I'm pondering:

1) Will Bledsoe shape up before T.O. loses it?
Drew Bledsoe, whom I still and always will love, kinda stunk it up on Sunday. His offensive line did him no favours, but three interceptions (really four but one was called back) and some serious missed chances have some fans already calling for back-up QB Tony Romo to get the starter's job. Now that may be crazy talk at this point, but truth is Bledsoe needs to get rid of the ball faster and get it to T.O. more. Granted, they haven't had much time to practice together, thanks to T.O.'s 'sore' hamstring, but I thought Bledsoe favoured Terry Glenn a bit much in the game - something that won't sit well with Mr. Owens for long. When it came right down to it, with a chance to win in the fourth quarter and a game-changing receiver on the field, Bledsoe couldn't quite get it done. He did, however, manage to connect with T.O. for a touchdown. Maybe that's why T.O. has given the controversy a pass this week, refusing to answer quarterback questions in the press. But if Bledsoe can't set his shizz together, it's only a matter of time before T.O. starts his old QB-bashing ways.

2) What effect will the Branch trade have on Tom Brady?
The Patriots have now lost their top two wide receivers - David Givens had already taken off for Tennessee in the off-season and now, the Pats have traded malcontent Deion Branch after a lengthy holdout. Branch was obviously a key component in the Patriot's offense and one of Brady's favourite guys on the team. His loss certainly isn't going to help Brady return to Superbowl form. Brady has admitted that the Branch mess was a distraction last week - now it's over and he's down a star receiver. The Pats were awful against the woeful Buffalo Bills on Sunday. The Jets may not be the biggest challenge in the league, but the are better than Buffalo, so Brady's going to have to shake off the Branch situation fast. Can he do it?

3) How long until Vince Young is starting in Tennessee?
And, seriously, how is Kerry Collins still a starting quarterback? How is that possible? Anyone?

4) What is Mario Williams gonna have to do to silence the haters?
Yes, Houston could have had Reggie Bush. We know! Yes, Mario Williams was a... let's call it 'unusual' pick for first overall in the draft. But all that matters now is whether Williams can live up to the pick in the long run. For his sake, I hope so. If not, there are gonna be some front-office vacancies in Texas pretty soon.

5) Which QB sucks the most?
Jake Delhomme had a rough Sunday, but with Steve Smith out, we'll give him a break. And J.P. Losman didn't pay so bad, for J.P. Losman. Collins is no star and Bledsoe bit, but last week they were both surpassed in suckiness by some fellow QBs: Jake Plummer was interception happy in St. Louis, Brett Favre was shut out for the first (but not the last) time in his career and Chris Simms had a QB rating of 30.5 with no TDs - that's a full 100 points behind Phil Rivers at 133.9. That just plain sucks. So, until Matt Leinart gets a start - my official pick to flame-out Ryan Leaf style this year - we'll give the title to Simms. I guess Phil Simms is no Archie Manning.


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