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Monday, October 09, 2006

Now that's some football!

Watched one of my can't-miss games of the season yesterday - and what do ya know, this one actually didn't miss!

Sunday's Philadelphia Eagles-Dallas Cowboys match-up marked Terrell Owens' first return to Philadelphia since being suspended and released by the team for a very, very bad attitude. In the meantime, he's signed with Dallas, missed a whole bunch of practices, broken his finger, possibly (or possibly not) tried to OD on a bunch of pain pills, dropped way too many passes, had some vintage sideline hissy fits and made it pretty damn clear (to me) that he is not the player he used to be.

I'm not saying that TO is washed up. I'm saying that, right now, he's not playing like he can. Maybe he is more hurt than we've heard, maybe he is tired, maybe the media circus is finally hampering instead of helping him. But yesterday, he dropped balls, seemed to run routes that surprised his QB and made some pretty half-assed attempts at the ball. And that's when he even got near the ball. For most of the game, he served as a decoy to keep Philly from triple-teaming Terry Glenn. Given that Fox hyped the TO-McNabb story to no end - they even had a little arrow to show us where number 81 was lined up each play - Owens virtually a non-factor. The Philly fans ate it up - they loved every misstep and delighted in seeing Owens struggle while Donovan McNabb made it all look so easy.

You gotta feel for the Dallas Cowboys. They were pretty good last year. They would have been pretty good this year. But now, it's all about TO. And in the course of the game, I came to see to see who we should really feel badly for. It isn't really coach Bill Parcells, though he fixed a few death stares during the game. It isn't even QB Drew Bledsoe, who, due to the combination of a sieve-like o-line and a dominant Philly defense spent half the game on his ass. Nope - I have officially found the guy with the worst job in football. It's one Todd Haley, wide receiver coordinator for the Dallas Cowboys and evident object of TO's wrath every time the big-game receiver left the field empty-handed. Owens seethed, whined and screamed at his coordinator the entire second half of the game. Yeah, yeah, he was wide open. Yeah, yeah, the drop wasn't his fault. Yeah, yeah, he is the greatest of all time.

Seems to me that somewhere in Oakland, Randy Moss would kill to be where TO is right now. And he might even appreciate it.


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