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Monday, October 16, 2006

Wide Receivers Behaving Badly

What is it with wide receivers? They get a huge helping of attention and adulation. When they want a little more press, all they have to do is get a little creative with their touchdown celebrations (which may include but are not limited to the use of a cellphone, a sharpie or an endzone moon). Yet it seems all the attention and love is never enough. Because, once again, wide receivers were all over the news this weekend with their big attitudes and bad behaviour.

Terrell Owens mixed it up yet again, apparently getting into an altercation with Cowboys wide receiver coach Todd Haley. (See, I told you that guy had the worst job in football. The laundry guys get more respect). Haley's offence? Pointing out the T.O. was late to practice. Again.

Then there are the wide receiving corps of the Oakland Raiders. First off, it is important to note that Oakland sucks. They really, really, really suck. There is no question about their degree of suckiness. San Francisco, who apparently only really, really suck, beat them two weeks ago. That's just downright bad. Randy Moss said as much, and suggested he wouldn't mind a trade. Of course, the media, who hate Moss for refusing to play their game, jumped all over him. But, this week, Moss' fairly benign observation that his team sucks was nothing compared to the antics of his teammate Jerry Porter. Porter, who demanded a trade in the pre-season and who has yet to play in a game this year, was suspended for 4 games for 'conduct detrimental to the club'. Basically, it's a showdown between coach Art Shell and Porter. Shell figures, like Jon Gruden and Andy Reid before him, it's time to take a stand against a whiney bitch of a player.

So for now, Owens and Moss are still in, and Porter's out. But players like Porter, Keyshawn Johnson and Owens always seem to find another team willing to take a chance on a game-breaking receiver with a bad attitude. Me, I'd take a Marvin Harrison over a Terrell Owens any day. But I'm not the one with season tickets and commercial time to sell. And you've got to admit, these crazy-ass wide receivers make Sundays a lot more unpredictable and a bit more fun.


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