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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

If Tom Brady is the Devil, What Does that Make TO?

The always subtle, never whining Terrell Owens came out in favour of Bill Parcells' retirement - blaming the poor performance of the Cowboys, and his own subpar numbers, on Parcells' old-school, out-dated leadership style. According to MSNBC, Owens thought Parcells fostered an unhealthy locker room environment. In particular, Owens complained that weeks would go by without Parcells speaking to him, and that he felt underused on offense. He was also disappointed that Parcells did not offer any words of encouragement after the 'accidental' overdose incident.

So, when TO underperformed in San Francisco, it was Garcia's fault. In Philly, McNabb's fault. In Dallas, it was clearly the fault of future Hall-of-Fame coach Bill Parcells. Because obviously it was Parcells who was out there dropping all those damn passes this season. And falling asleep in team meetings. And being a total wank.



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