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Monday, January 22, 2007

Sad Day in Hell

Since my weary hubby met me, he has evolved into something resembling a football fan. Before we met, he'd never watched a game. Now, he's getting into it - he can tell his Belichick from his Parcells (though not always his Dungy from his Edwards or his Holmgren from his Reid). He's not a fanatic or anything, but there are a few things he feels strongly about. And there is one point in particular on which he is quite passionate: "Tom Brady is the devil."

I tend to agree. My feelings on Mr. Brady are well documented in some of the posts below. I just really, really hate that guy. But I have to admit, he is one of the luckiest SOBs on earth. He's a good but not great quarterback with 3 Superbowl rings, 2 Superbowl MVP awards, a killer big-game rep, a brilliant coach and a string of ridiculously hot girlfriends. If he isn't the devil, Brady's surely sponsored by him (For those keeping score, that means Brady is now pimping shaving cream, fancy watches, credit cards and eternal damnation...)

So there must be some crying in hell today (though, I would imagine there is crying in hell everyday. And whining. And some yelping. Hell sucks. Unless you're Tom Brady.) Yup, mighty Casey has struck out. Finally. The Indianapolis Colts got over the hump that is the New England Patriots. After trailing 21-6 at the half, the Colts came back to win it in one of the most exciting halves of football I've seen in a long time. They're in the Superbowl and already favoured to win it by a touchdown.

No matter what he says, Manning got one hell of a monkey off his back in that second half. With 30 minutes to go, it looked like Indy might collapse at Belichick's feet as they have so many times before. But then Manning marched his down down the field, got the TD and 2-point conversion to make a game of it. And what a game it was. Two touchdowns by offensive linesmen to follow-up an early touchdown by a 310-point guard. Some brutally dropped passes. A mighty rough afternoon for Reche Caldwell. A late scoring drive. A last minute interception. It was a thing of beauty. Unless you're Tom Brady.


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