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Friday, January 12, 2007

It's Hard to be an Angel

It's been a rough week for Charlie's girls.

First, Cameron Diaz gave a surreal, ditzy and widely derided 'I'm in a deep and meaningful relationship with my fans' acceptance speech at the People's Choice Awards. Then, she and Justin Timberlake acknowledged in a bizarre 'we don't want to talk about this because we're so above it but for the sake of careers, oops we mean fans, we will deign to do so' press release that they have, indeed, broken up. (I will forgo the obligatory Dick in a Box joke at this juncture - but not that it turns out that particular gift may be going to Scarlett Johannson.)

Finally, Drew Barrymore broke up with her furry rocker boy-toy, Fab Moretti, for the 83rd time.

What to do when surrounded by heartbreak and bereft of boyfriends. Go partying with Lindsay Lohan, that what. The threesome were spotted out and about in Hollywood the other night. For Lohan, the allure is clear. Seems Lindsay felt she had much to learn from the original master of underaged Hollywood debauchery. Drew is her Yoda. By why are Cam and Drew hanging with the young tartlet? Was Lucy Liu really that busy? Or just that easily replaceable? Ditched for a younger, boozier model. Man, that's harsh.


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