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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Welcome to 2007

Well, that was a nice little break from work and from blogging. Now, back to the real world. I head back to work tomorrow, but figured I get back on the blog today. And a good thing too, seeing as how our favourite celebs went cookoo for cocoa puffs over the holiday. Hooray. Cheers to them:

Kate Moss
Goes to Thailand and has a non-binding commitment ceremony with Babyshambles singer/perpetual train wreck Pete Doherty. This is a guy who is arrested for possession every other week, has spritzed blood from a needle at photographers and who allowed someone to take pictures of him shooting heroin into the arm of an unconscious groupie. So classy. And what is better than Kate marrying this guy? Her marrying a heroin addict in freaking Thailand. What, were the honeymoon suites at the Holiday Inn Kabul all booked up?

Kid and Pammy and Tommy
All three members of our favourite white trash menage hit Vegas for New Year's. You know that's gonna work out well. Or, it could end with Kid trying to break down the door to Tommy's hotel room in the middle of the night. Oh, and totally getting the wrong room. Nice one, Kid.

Reports have Brit being dragged/carried/shovelled out of the Vegas club where she was 'hosting' a New Year's bash. Gossips said she passed out from over-imbibing. Manager Larry Rudolph said she was just overly sleepy and, well, fell asleep. I know raucous nightclubs always put me right to sleep.

Justin and Cam
Might possibly, maybe, could have broken up in December. Oh, the tragedy of it all. I'm rooting for Cam and JT, mainly because all the inevitable post-break-up 'will JT and Britney get back together' gossip might just kill me. Let's all just agree that there is no chance JT's gonna tap that again.

Kate and Owen
Us Weekly says its over. And so it must be. The Butterscotch Stallion rides again.

Happy 2007!



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