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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The Snubs and Surprises.

Oscar nominations day is really all about who got snubbed and who snuck in. Here's the breakdown:

Dreamgirls is out, Letters is in
The much-touted musical Dreamgirls got a slew of nominations but was passed over in the Best Picture category for Clint Eastwood's reflective Japanese-language film Letters from Iwo Jima. A companion piece to the un-nominated Flags of Our Fathers, Iwo Jima got surprisingly strong support in a bunch of categories. In fact, Clint got a Best Director nod, and Dreamgirls helmer Bill Condon did not. The Academy sure does love Clint.

Sorry, Beyonce
It was a long shot to be sure, but Beyonce Knowles is officially out of the Best Actress race. From the start, she was totally outgunned by the collective forces of Streep, Mirren, Winslet and Dench. Throw in Penelope Cruz giving what many consider the performance of her career (in Volver) and Beyonce was done. Maybe they'll ask her to sing. 'Cause I need to see her face when J-Hud wins Best Supporting Actress, don't you?

No Jack
Many predicted that Nicholson would get a nod for The Departed. Instead, co-star Mark Wahlberg gets his first nomination. Once again, go Marky Mark!

Borat had a screenplay?
Sacha Baron Cohen is going to the Academy Awards. After his brilliantly funny acceptance speech at the Globes, I totally want him to win for Best Adapted Screenplay.

Also out: Brad Pitt in Babel, Matt Damon in The Departed and The Good Shepherd, Ben Affleck in Hollywoodland. I guess sometimes, being really pretty just isn't enough. Even in Hollywood. hard to believe, I know.


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