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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

A Veritable Smorgasbord

It's been way, way too long.

I've been a busy gal over the past few weeks. There was football, then the film festival, football again. Oh, and work. And a little, but not much, sleep.

So much has happened, and I just know you've been asking yourselves "How can I possibly know what I think about this issue/news/pop culture low point until Jen has weighed in? How? HOW?"

Well, worry no longer bloglets, here's my rundown on the big news of the past few weeks:

Britney blasts those 'comeback' rumours all to hell
Yup, it was bad. It was grade 10 talent show bad. Her performance at the VMAs was the kind of embarassing low-point 'E' True Hollywood Story was built on. She looked bored. She looked confused. She looked like she desperately needed a new weave (or as Randy would have it, that weave was busted-ass). She looked like she needed a better-fitting outfit. Let's not kid ourselves here, she looked completely and totally stoned. Is her career over. Probably not yet. She might still hit bottom, sober up, team up with Timbaland and recover. Even Mariah Carey rebounded from Glitter. But I can't say things look good. Nor did Brit, by the way, in that sparkly outfit that gave her no room to hide. I can't say I agree with those who say Brit was fat. But she certainly wasn't in the kind of shape to wear that particular outfit on national TV. Not. Pretty.

Brian Mulroney's Got Some Fighting Words for Trudeau
Bitter much? Okay. Trudeau pretty much single-handedly destroyed Mulroney's Meech Lake Accord. He came out against it at a critical moment and all but ensured Mulroney's deal with Quebec would go down in flames. He used his political capital and public stature to scupper the deal. And so I get why Mulroney has a grudge on. But it tells me more about Mulroney than about Trudeau when BM suggests Trudeau only did it because he couldn't stand to see a Tory succeed where he, Trudeau, had failed. I mean, the guy only spent his entire life in public service - so clearly his own personal accomplishments were more important that keeping Canada together. Any possibility Trudeau opposed Meech because he thought it was a bad deal? Nah...

Belichick Cheated
Seems the Patriots 'spyed' on the Jets a few weeks ago. Isn't that like the Ottawa Senators spying on a Timbits hockey team? In any case, it seems clear the Pats weren't the only ones videotaping the signals from opposing coaches. It also seems clear that Belichick's ego is so huge he chose to flaunt the videotaping a week after getting a memo from the league asking teams to stop. Against a coach who used to work for him, and who would know all bis old bosses tricks. Basically, once again Belichick is guilty of being a totally arrogant SOB. Shockers.

OJ Arrested
Have you seen the tape of the 'robbery'? And the photos of him being arrested, with a smug, self-satisfied grin on his face? Almost as if he thinks he'll get out of it. Almost as if he thinks he's above the law. Where, oh where, would he get that idea?

Tommy Lee and Kid Rock get in a Fist Fight over Pam Anderson
...and other signs that American culture truly is the klassiest on earth. You can take the boys out of the trailer...


  • At 2:04 p.m., Blogger Marky Mark said…

    You're so right on PET/BM. Trudeau had a long held and honest belief as to the nature of Canadian federalism and put it on record with his book Federalism and the French Canadians in 1968. Meech Lake was the antithesis of his view of Canada. He fought for his vision for decades and it should have been surprise that he would take on that deal when he had taken on the separatists.

    (And I think the Brady/Moss duo is going to make you very crazy for the next few months...)


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