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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Championship Sunday Cheat Sheet

As I may have mentioned in the past, I get a little geared up for Championship Sunday, certainly more so than for the Super Bowl. Why? Well, first off, it's two games instead of one game plus 18-hours of pre-and-post hype. But generally, the games are just better. The teams know each other, and often don't like each other much. I'd rather watch the Colts and Pats, who live to beat each other, every other year in a winner-take-all-game game than, say, Pittsburgh and Seattle.

So, this year, who is worth cheering for on Sunday? Well, the Colts and Pats are out for a change, and New Orleans didn't make it back. So, it's a wide open field:

New York Jets versus Pittsburgh Steelers

The Jets beat the Colts two weeks ago and the Pats last week, two games that featured abundant hype and managed to live up to it. They hype (and the success, if you ask me) came courtesy of Jets head coach (and reported foot fetishist) Rex Ryan. Ryan made both games personal and all about him. For the Colts, it was his attempt to finally beat Peyton Manning. For the Pats, it was Ryan versus Belichick, coach against coach. He won both games and got his team seriously fired up in the process. The trash talk that has emanated from the Jets locker room has been massively entertaining - Antonio Cromartie straight up called Tom Brady an a$$hole. For this, they have my support. Plus, do you really want to cheer for Ben Roethlisberger?

Green Bay Packers versus Chicago Bears

Here's a classic match-up, one that goes back decades to before there was a Super Bowl. Here, the QBs have gotten a lot of attention this week. Apparently, Chicago's Jay Cutler is in the running to be named the most hated guy in the NFL. According to ESPN's Rick Reilly, Cutler is something of a douche. Good to know. Then there's Aaron Rodgers, the Packer's salvation after the painfully slow non-retirement of Brett Favre. Rodger's got some crap this week for failing to sign an autograph for a cancer survivor. For 3 hours he looked like a jerk. Then, Packers fans went into hurry-up mode and redeemed Rodger's rep. Who to cheer for here? Well, Cutler dates Kristin Cavallari of The Hills. Obviously, Packers it is. (Plus, Clay Matthews!)


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