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Monday, January 24, 2011

The Jay Cutler Show

Last week, I touched on the fact that Jay Cutler isn't the single most popular guy in the NFL. On Sunday, Cutler came out of the game with a vague-sounding knee injury that quickly got the media - and Cutler's fellow NFLer's talking. My favourite, Maurice Jones-Drew on Twitter:

"Hey, I think the Urban Meyer rule is in effect right now... when the going gets tough... QUIT!"


"All I'm saying is he can finish a game on a hurt knee... I played a whole season on one."

I think Jones-Drew had a point, but Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher, who at times seemed to be trying to win the game single-handedly for Chicago, would disagree. Suggesting the haters were just jealous, Urlacher used a few choice words to defend his QB's toughness. Thing is, the third-stringer who came in to relieve Cutler seemed a lot more effective than Cutler himself was in the first half. And I've never seen Cutler display anything close to the level of intensity Urlacher displayed in his defense.


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