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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

So Windows Vista is a Hoser?

Here's a review of Microsoft's latest Operating system offering, according to Slate Magazine. It serves as yet more evidence of exactly how cool the yanks think we are.

"The wait is almost over for Windows Vista. Microsoft wants us to believe that when its new operating system finally debuts on Jan. 30—a date that's been five years in the making—our world will be turned upside down. Redmond's marketers have dubbed Vista's release as a "wow moment—that instant when you recognize that your life has changed." That's according to a letter from Bill Gates himself.

Tech reviewers couldn't agree less. ""Worthy, largely unexciting," yawned Walt Mossberg in his pacesetting Wall Street Journal review. Mossberg makes the "pleasant," "efficient" Vista sound less like a "wow moment" than a passable bore—the Canada of operating systems."

Ouch, eh?


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