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Sunday, November 25, 2007

This week's lessons in football

1. It is possible to throw for more than 400 yards and still lose the game. Sometimes it sucks to be Kurt Warner.

2. Don't throw to Devin Hester. Seriously, if people keep kicking to Hester, they just deserve to lose. Two TDs this week. Eleven in 27 regular season games. At a certain point, starting at the 40 has to look pretty good, no?

3. Yes, the Vikings can win without Adrian Peterson. As long as they are playing against Eli Manning. Wow, that was ug-ly. Apparently, it sometime sucks to be Eli Manning too.

4. This year's Superbowl is going to a massacre. No matter who makes it from the NFC, they are getting creamed. I love Green Bay as much as the next person - but if Favre makes the Superbowl, he's in big, big trouble.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

The Best of All Time?

A certain friend of mine, who shall go unnamed here because he might sue me otherwise, has recently been asserting that this year's New England Patriots are the Greatest Team of All TimeTM. I suggested to him that perhaps it was a touch early to be dolling out such dramatic accolades (or perhaps I said "Are you fucking nuts? It's only week 11, you Belichick-loving freak" or something along that line).

Not that they aren't damn good. Even I will admit that the Pats are crazy good. 40 or 50 points a week good. But I feel compelled to point out that that me, you and my grandma could score 56 points against Buffalo. Seriously now. The Pats have had only 2 real tests this season:

1) Dallas, week 6. Final score was 48-27. Fair enough, they looked like contenders for that greatest team crown against one of the NFC's best teams. But the game was closer than the score suggests, I swear.
2) Indy, week 9. Final was 24-20. Without Marvin Harrison in the line-up and with Peyton Manning spazzing it up. It was a great game, but New England didn't dominate as they should have unless Indianapolis is the Second Greatest Team Ever TM.

We'll see. We'll see if they go undefeated (my bet is still no - the playoffs matter a lot more to Belichick than the regular season and Pittsburgh and the Giants may just need wins in the next few weeks more than the Pats do. I'm just saying.)

In the meantime, who really is the Greatest Team of All Time?

Conventional wisdom says the 1972 Dolphins: Winners of 14 straight regular season games plus 3 playoff games including the Superbowl. The mythical perfect season. But now name me one player from that team? OK, other than Larry Czonka.

You could make an argument for the 1978 Pittsburgh Steelers: The steel curtain. Terry Bradshaw before he became a Sunday afternoon stand-up comedian. Mean Joe Greene before he became a Coca Cola commercial. Over 19 games, their defence gave up just 195 points. Plus, they had awesome sideburns.

Then there are the 1985 Chicago Bears. Bonus points for the sweetness that was Walter Payton and for William 'best nickname ever' Perry. Serious deductions for the Superbowl Shuffle.

I'm partial to the 1989 San Francisco 49ers. Montana, Craig, Rice, Lott. Hell, the back-up QB was some guy named Steve Young. Half the team are either pro announcers or NFL coaches. These guys knew the game. Plus, they kicked the stuffing out of Elway in the Superbowl.

Finally, much as I love football, and am so over baseball, let's not forget those 1927 New York Yankees. I hear they were pretty damn good, too.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Well that's timely!

A much deeper analysis of the Disney mystique than mine: The Mickey Mouse MBA.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

On Mickey Mouse, Etc.

I was away on vacation last week, hanging out in Orlando - land of Mickey Mouse and outlet malls. It was all good, especially when viewed through the eyes of my two Princess-obsessed nieces (aged 5 and 7). You haven't seen pure unadulterated joy until you've seen a little girl get a hug from her favourite princess (that'd be Belle for the 5 year old and Aurora for the 7 year old. Who is Aurora you say? Clearly you are out of the princess loop, you sad, sad adult).

In the land of consumerism run amok, you have to admire what Disney has managed to build out of some old orange groves. The epitome of consumer culture, served with a smile. People actually did seem happier in the Magic Kingdom than in most other places on earth. Maybe they pipe in extra oxygen, like in casinos? Whatever it is, they clearly forgot to pipe it in to Animal Kingdom. Both overpriced and underfun, it make me wish I'd just gone back to the Magic Kingdom for another dose.

Because Disney knows how to do the Magic Kingdom up right. The trio of 'mountain' roller coasters were excellent, and the new Pirates of the Caribbean ride was really, really well done. Even weary hubby had a favourite ride - It's a Small World, if you can believe it - though I tend to think he was enjoying it on an ironic level. At least I hope so.

Even their overpriced and undertasty amusement park food wasn't quite as undertasty as most places we visited. The prize for the worst food on the trip, by the way, goes to the snack bar at Kennedy Space Centre. Never put rocket scientists in charge of curly fries. Apparently. Or perhaps it was meant to make us appreciate the flavour deprivation of deep space. Either way, hamburgers shouldn't be grey.