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Friday, October 30, 2009

The Unlikley Casanonva

My deep and abiding love for Malcolm Gladwell is well documented, so this article made me laugh. But not as much as Steve Levitt pointing it out on the Freakonomics blog.

Sporty Happenings

A few notable notes from the world of sports over the past little while:
  • Few things amused me more than the Yankee Stadium signs reading "Kate Hudson for MVP". Unfortunately, whatever magic she worked on A-Rod doesn't seem to be carrying over to the World Series. Bet Minka Kelly's relieved - she's so ready for Kate to be gone she can go back to being the hottest Yankee WAG.
  • Vince Young is starting for Tennessee this week. What does it say about how little confidence Jeff Fisher has in him that it took until the Titans were 0-6? Ouch.
  • The Saints, Patriots and Colts are looking ridiculously - but predictably - good. But how about the Broncos? I didn't see this one coming. Maybe McDaniels will be the first Belichick protege to live up to hype.
  • The Leafs have never had a worse opening record in their history - not even in the depth of the Ballard years. I was always a wide-eyed optimist on this front, but now I've come to believe the buds will never contend as long current ownership is in place. Ticket resellers are saying seats are going for half their face value. What is it going to take for fans to demand better?

They Grow Up Fast...

This is Miley's little sister, all dressed up for Hallowe'en as... I don't know, slutty witch?
My mother would have died first.