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Friday, May 29, 2009

Pants on Fire

So, if you go to a gala, and the folks from Toronto Life as you where you got your dress, probably best not to lie about it...

On the plus side, the designer has gotten way more press than if this silly little rich girl had just name-checked her in the first place.

Attack Ads

So the Harper Tories have launched a new series of attack ads aimed at our own international man of mystery, Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff. In addition to the fact that they pander to our worst instincts (notably a palpable distrust of Canadians who leave to make an impact on the greater world - and actually do so), there is something that truly bothers me about this series of ads.

They actually make Iggy look better than the alternative.

The ads claim that Iggy is arrogant and elitist. This may well be true. But he is also many other things. Stephen Harper on the other hand? If I was told I could choose only two words - just two - to describe our current PM, I'm not sure I could choose two more fitting words than arrogant and elitist.

Who advised Harper to criticize Ignatieff for being the very things that utterly define his own character? Plum weird if you ask me.