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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

News and Notes

A-Rod in the News for Something Other than Ditching his Family for Madonna
So Alex Rodriguez took steroids. And this surprised who exactly? I was always amused when A-Rod was held up as the white knight who could save baseball by someday surpassing Bonds' home-run* record. Let us not forget that A-Rod is one of the least likable ball players ever. The only really good part about this whole debacle? It gave the NY Post the opportunity to run their 'A-hole' headline. And perhaps Hank Aaron - one of the most likable ball players ever - will get his record back.

Best Performance of by a 9-month Pregnant Artist at the Grammy's, Like Ever!
How good was MIA? How bad was that outfit? The rest of the Grammy's? Radiohead=good. Coldplay=Not Radiohead.

Dancing with the Stars Cast
It's more D-list than usual, but here is the real question: How does Denise Richards delude herself - and the producers of a highly popular TV show - into believing she has fans? The naked Sex and the City guy has more fans. Somehow, Denise Richards married and divorced the super-skeevy Charlie Sheen and she came out looking worse than him. Or did the producers set out to find find a famous divorcee less likable than Heather Mills?