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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Hottest of Hotties

Vanity Fair, now a celeb-baiting, pandering shell of its former self, has a new circulation-boosting survey for you.! Check it out - it's in this month's issue, the one with the mostly naked Mrs. Tom Brady on the cover.

The magazine conducted an online survey to select the most beautiful woman from their pre-selected list of candidates. How did VF narrow down the list? According to their website, "Of the billions of women on this planet, only 19, we believe, could start wars." Hmmm. The results, have Angelina winning in a landslide.

1) Angelina Jolie 58 per cent
2) Gisele Bundchen 9 per cent
3) Halle Berry 4 per cent
4) Penelope Cruz 3 per cent
4) Scarlett Johansson 3 per cent
4) Jennifer Connelly 3 per cent
4) Queen Rania of Jordan 3 per cent
4) Bar Refaeli 3 per cent
5) Catherine Deneuve 2 per cent
5) Freida Pinto 2 per cent
5) Natalia Vodianova 2 per cent
5) Ziyi Zhang 2 per cent
5) Beyonce Knowles 2 per cent
5) Cate Blanchett 2 per cent
6) Elle MacPherson 1 per cent
6) Kate Moss 1 per cent
6) Gwyneth Paltrow 1 per cent
6) Kerry Washington 1 per cent
6) Carla Bruni 1 per cent

For me, Giselle would beat out Ange in terms of pure mega-watt beauty. But I guess the Angelina mystique goes a long way. And having seen Cate Blanchett in person at Tiff, I have to say the she is without question the most beautiful person I've ever seen in the flesh (Colin Farrel runs a close second). She was breathtaking.

Another observation: Since Bar has only 1/3 the votes Gisele got, is this proof that Leo traded down?

And finally, once again, this list made me feel bad for Tony Romo. Already widely considered the poor-man's Tom Brady, Romo's celebutante girlfriend makes headlines for gaining 10 pounds and forgetting lyrics. Tom's new wife on the other hand is named, at worst, the second most beautiful woman in the world. Guy can't win (literally, and figuratively, it seems).